Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny All Say They’ll Quit “Immediately” If The View Adds Candace Owens

The women of “The View” are terrified by Candace Owens. Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny, a group of warped leftists, have made it obvious that they will leave the network if they hire her.

Whoopi declared, “There’s no way I’ll sit at a table and take her seriously. She’s a MAGA zealot who sells gibberish to numbskulls.”

Joy responded, “I can’t do it. She’s nasty. She’s just going to lose control and scream nonstop.

Sunny Hostin’s only additional comment was that Owens was a “trailer to people of color.”

Owens claims she doesn’t care whether they stay or leave. She remarked, “The show would be better off without them. Maybe I can get Laura Ingraham and Tomi Lahren to come hang out.

Ingraham claimed that she has already turned down multiple opportunities and that Owens is “out of her depth.”

“They’re only luring her in. They won’t resign, and she’ll accept the position. Whenever she finally gives up, they will bully her for a few months.

According to reports, ABC will pay Ownes $10 million over three years to take their abuse. If she completes the entire stretch, she will receive a $10 million bonus and an official apology from Whoopi, who has stated that she will never again engage in such behavior.

They can, however, figure that out afterwards.

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Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny All Say They’ll Quit “Immediately” If The View Adds Candace Owens
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